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The story of our name is traced back to 2009. Cenzii was in a Bg2 regiment called "RR". He does not remember what this stood for. In 2009 they renamed it 77th. When asked why name it the 77th he answered:" Because the number 7 is my favourite number and the 7th looked a bit plain, so we put 2 of them there." And so was the birth of the 77th. This he estimated to be around late 2009 or early 2010. This was still in Bg2 and they are alleged to have had over 100 members. This continued throughout 2010. Some up's and down's with leaders and clan drama, but they stuck together all the way until the end of the year. At the end of the year they started having trouble and had a major split. Some people went the something called 42ndCdo and some to the 33rd which had tranferred to something called "Mount and Musket." ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

As far as we know the 77y was created in January 2011. Though it might have been created in December of 2010. For the first few weeks it was called 77th and was a pavlovsky grenedier company. It would later get the letter y at the end, for historical accuracy and be changed to line infantry regiment. It is unclear excactly who was in the regiment when it was created, but according to Cenzii it was himself, Heinis, Henkka and Bjarstedt were there from the beginning or at least within the first few weeks. I also tried to find out how many we were but that is unclear too. We might have been somewhere in between 50-80 people. As Cenzii said: "I do remember that 77th was a big success. Within two weeks we had around 30 members." And that number would double and maybe even triple in just a few months. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Then Cenzii would leave the 77y in spring/ very early summer of 2011. I am unsure why he left but when he did it was left in the hands of Heinis. Heinis led and controlled the 77y for a short while and then it was left in the hands of Bjarstedt. Bjarstedt left because he was "Fed up with the trolls." Other sources say it was bacause he had no respect from the rest of the regiment. This is when the regiment was left in the hands of Malakith. From all accounts I have, this was a vast improvement. As is known by the people who know him, Malakith is very skilled in battlefield tactics and would invent and implement many new formations and tactics. It's estimated that we were around 30 active people in the regiment at that time. The 77y would continue to grow and prosper all the way up to our next succesion. During Malakith's time as Colonel a man named Fijiflu would lead a line which created an episode that went down in 77y history. This event is known as either "The Fiji incident" or "Cannonfodder." During an line battle Fiji would lead a line to the top of under "claimed" orders of either Aztir or Malakith. Once on top of the hill he would within a few seconds lose almost all of his men to the fire of enemy cannons. He had positioned himself in a very bad spot and the cannonballs ripped through 20 men! (This number might be an exaggeration) He would have to wear the shameful tag of "Cannonfodder" for weeks to come. Around early December Malakith had to leave because of schoolwork and left the regiment in the hands of our Glorious Leader and Commander Aztir, may Odin and Thor look over him. One of Aztir's major changes was the "Azterian Reforms." Azterian reforms were some pretty major changes to the rank structure.

The changes were instituted on the 20th of March 2012

The ranks of:

Ens RCF SgtM CSM LCpl Psc Shrp Skirm RSM GnrSgt GrdGren 2ndGnr 2ndGrd

Were all removed. In the words of many of our rankers. "They're removed for equality!" This was of course to make Aztir sound like a communist dictator. The real reason they were removed is because it just added unnecessary work for the guys writing the roster and the CO's. Not all of the rankers were too pleased with this but eventually they would calm down.

The Azterian Reforms ushered in the modern era of the 77y. These following events will be events that are listed are not necessarily in chronological order. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

March 22nd 2012 Right after the Azterian Reforms we entered a very big event. This was an event that was supposed to span across several months and maybe as many as 30 regiments had signed up for it. This is the story how we fought in the first and last battle of the European Campaign!

Now the story of the first battle and what happned later is pretty complicated but i'll do my best to tell it as I remember it. The European campaign was a large event made by a man named Casper. I do not think any of us knew him before the event but we would get to know him very well after it. The campaign itself was set up like a Total War game. We moved armies around a map of Europe and would fight to conquor cities and so on. Overly complicated rules about reinforcements and moving distance per turn and so on. As far as I remember the 77y was one of only three regiments that signed up to play as the Russians. Right before the battle Casper did some last minute changes to the reinforcement rule. Reinforcements could now only come from the capital, which was Saint Petersburg at the time. This meant that anyone playing for the enormous country of Russia was fucked. This did not help our mood about this event. Especially since we had moved our army in to take out Istanbul. We decided to carry on and play the battle anyway. The map was set to "Arabian village." I think most of you would know it. It's basically 5-6 houses and a main street surrounded by a thin wall. Our enemy was playing as Britain (representing the Ottomans) and the regiments would play as Britain, I think was the 5Brg. This did not please us much as you will see further down in our history. The round was judged by Casper who was fighting for the British. We did not know this at the time but it became clear pretty fast. Right after we spawn the Judge, Casper, called out " Live in 3 min." We understood this as : Stay in spawn and move out when I say it in three minutes. No this was no the case at all. After those supposed three minutes he wrote "Live" in the admin chat. Within one second we lost 15 men. The enemy had moved to the top of the houses and was presenting waiting for him to call it live. Flustered and pissed as we were ran to cover. And after about 5 min had killed everyone except one man. We did not know he was the last, I might add. Now another one of Caspers ridiculous rules came into play. The last man alive was supposed to surrender. He did not. The last man alive kept fighting us while we waited for him to give up. Then we soundly clubbed him to death. This did not go over well. Casper got very, very angry and we were complaining about the obvious cheating in the beginning of the round. He got even angrier and decided to us after Malakith said that we left it. Casper then goes on to that we were banned for cheating in the thread about the Campaign. This did not sit well with either Malakith or Diplex who proceeded to absolutly make life hell for Casper. They did this through crushing his accusations with video proof. Even the regimental leaders of non attending regiments sided with us over Casper and eventually Vincenzo got involved. After looking at the evidence he decided to end this event and ban Casper for a considerable amount of time. This was after Casper cursed at him. In the end we fought the first and the last battle of the European Campaign and got Casper banned from the TaleWorlds forum. Everything went better than expected. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Another major event to affect the 77y was the "91st Incident." In November 2011 - (There will be alot of apparently's here. The info is way to one sided)

This was an episode that had a major saying in why Spiers later would be demoted then kicked from the regiment. The episode goes like this: It was a linebattle between the 77y, 1st Yorks versus the 91st Highlanders. The linebattle was swinging in our favour and the 91st was not liking this. This in the the 91st (apparently) decided to get some of their to go jaegers. Spiers was not liking this so he told some of our guys to go jaegers as well. After this there was most likely some argument about who was right in their action but it was shortly ended by Tavington banning Eoin. This was when shit really hit the fan and many members in the 77y started insulting the 91st and Tavington. Now there was a lot of bans. We would quit the event and some of our members thought it would be a good idea to go to the 91st TeamSpeak and (apparently) yell "Potato Fucker" and so on... This event resulted in a not very good relationship with the 91st. Shocking, I know. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This next episode does not have a name so we'll call it "The 5thBrg Incident" (Date needed)

This was a problem we faced in three maybe four 84e sieges. Aldemar would place us, almost always, on the side with the 5thBrg. The reason hostility began is unclear (Info add in comment) but from my memory it might have been either a fight over who should control the arty or some teamkills that escalated. To be entirely honest with you guys, as I am trying to be, this conflict was fueled by really only one member. If you have ever played or spoken to Diplex you will quickly find out that he is not the best of diplomats. (I think he would agree) There wasn't really anything to get mad over on either part, but a couple of guys have a tendency not to let things go. It was later told to us by The 5thBrg that it was not the 77y they had a problem with, only Diplex. Both sides, Not sure about Diplex, has apologized about the silly behaviour and I would say we now have a friendly relationship with eachother. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The return of Malakith! And there was much rejoice!

Aztir needed someone to beat some sense and dicipline into the line and cadets. Malakith gets the role as Drill Sergeant. Malakith would introduce excecutions during training. It was very common to see Malakith killing team mate after team mate and having them stand at attention as punishment. Malakith also introduced the phrase " The beating will continue until morale improves!" And so it did. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The next major event in 77y history was when Diplex decided to leave the regiment. We can call this "The 77y and Diplex."

This was around April of 2012. There were some major disagreements within the CO's about what to do when NW came out. Diplex tried to reform the regiment in very many ways. Every CO was opposed to Diplex's ideas about reform, restructure and change of country and name. Diplex therefor decided to leave and about 10-15 people left with him. This resulted in a lot of bad blood between the our two regiments. Several trolling episodes from each regiment did not make it better at all. After a lot of trash talking and hate from both regiments it has now finally calm down.

The situation resembles an uneasy peace treaty.


Currently we have a base of around 90 or so active players and hundreds of people that show up from time to time. There are three different detachments, Line infantry, jaegers and Artillery. After listening to what other regimental leaders have said we are apparently known as a very skilled multi-line battle regiment.

77y Line of Colonels


From about January maybe December 2010/2011 - Somewhere around spring 2011


From somwhere in the spring 2011 - Most likely start of summer 2011


From start of summer 2011 - Late July 2011


From end of July - Second week in December


From second week in December - ?

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