A typical Cretin cadet

The cadet is the lowest ranking player of the 77y

These "cretins" are thrown into the game after being recruited by our regiment.

They have almost no common sense and skill regarding Warband & NW and are typical fanboys of Chadman, who uses them as his 'Secret Police' within the regiment to root out any pro-Diplex/GunZo spies. 


The rituals of the common cadet are numerous.

Common rituals of a cadet:

  • Calling Malakith the leader of the 77y.
  • Write Aztir wrong (Atzir).
  • Repeating the phrase "Mallkeith!! what flag!?!?!?"
  • Stab their fellow cadets.
  • Have no sense of left and right and run into a wall.
  • Being better than most people in Arty


The cadets often gather in their own groups and express their culture due to being scared of the other members.

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A typical gathering of cadets

They warm themself around the fire of a chosen cadet and start telling stories about their recent achievements in the  game known simply as "COD".

These achievements can be anything from a triple kill with a sniper shot to a 360 no-scope kill.

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