Chadman is the current Colonel of the 77y, and is also a veteran YouTuber. He has led the 77y to many victories and says he bases his style of leadership on that of Stalin. Chadman's leadership (long may it continue!) brought about much change within the regiment, with Arty losing its status as an independent detachment and becoming part of Line instead, as they couldn't be trusted not to betray Chadman and re-install GunZo as Colonel. The same was attempted with the Skirmishers, due to their support and admiration for Diplex, but Skruf took the detachment far away and now Chadman has sent bounty hunters after them to bring them all back. The current bounty hunters Rikimaru and JHS have so far been unsuccesful. From then on promotion from Cadet School required the Cadet to bring back the head of a dead skirmisher as proof they were good enough to be a ranker.

As of 5/12/14, Chadman has a whopping 7,689 subscribers, surpassing that of the also famous Jwall, and Dopkickjxy.

Chadman participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge during the summer of 2k14. He filmed it in his bathroom, and in his bathtub, however all one could think of while watching the video, is why the fuck does he have golf clubs in the bathroom???

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