Conway was once in lights because he always dreamt of being a duck, but first he had to be a cadet for 4 months because not only was Malaukip a cunt but also Conway had a deep dark secret...... he had terminal Autism.

The cunt area (Lights)Edit

Conway was in lights for a month or some shit like that, he shot shit the first day and clutched 1 round (Impressive I know)! One of his fondest memories was shooting Gamer in the back of the head when he walked in from of a 900 ping Conway with his spyglass out. In a skirm circle he said "My name is Conway and I've spent to whole Summer talking to a wall" this depressed the skirms a lot - In the end he left (twice) and never came back.

The LegendEdit

No one fucking remembered who Conway at all. Until he decided to start reliving old times with the skirms or some shit like that. It didn't work because like an Icelandic pony who left Iceland he was dead to them. So he trolled Arty instead (Not line oh no, never line #BoringAsShit) and it turned out well.

Conslusions: Conway now has many memes for the creation of his hit Nazi mod ~ Conway helps train cadets sometimes ~ Conway lets y7y come to his event ~ Conway is a 80 year old virgin nigger who pretends to be a 15 year old boy.

Thank you for reading my autobiography remember to purchase my book "How Malakith Skadi Ruined My Life"

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