Cop also formerly known as "1thecop" is currently the major and leader of the 4y regiment.

He started his succesfull career in the 77y but left because his North-American time schedule didn't work out anymore with the British 77y one. First he went to the FKI (also known as the "freikorps") and started making a career there. But he started helping out small American regiments because the NA community isn't as developed as the EU one. It was because of this that he was a temporary member of the 89th Royal Guard. Shortly after his return to the FKI he left and started the 4y (also symbolising a link with his first love, the 77y).

MaximusPrime also a former NA 77y member answerred his call to arms and joined him in the 4y.

After a certain amount of time Cop came into contact with the 60th Royal Americans and their colonel, Peter. The two regiments hit off quite well, and despite the time difference the regiments grew closer through inviting and mutual recruit "trading". After a time it was decided by Cop and Peter that the regiments where to merge, with the 4y forming the North American detachment of the 60th. After a few months this situation came to an end, Cop left and effectively dissolved his detachment. The questionable reasons for his resignation and his following actions would leave relations between him and the 60th relatively salty.

After his resignation Cop would go on to join and create a fair few regiments for short periods of time, taking many of his old regiment members with him on his strange voyage around the NA community, until finally arriving at the 18e after his old regiment members effectively kicked him out of his own establishment.  

Cop then quit NW for a while, and started a new job at a local bank branch in Ohio working as a Junior Clerk in order to raise funds to pay for his tuition. He attended Law and Jurisprudence classes in the evenings and weekends at his local College, and took the LSAT six months later gaining a score of 165/180. He then applied to Stanford, Yale and Columbia to study Law, and was accepted for a place at Columbia Law School in the Spring. He has since returned to play NW in his free time, and often Mercs for other regiments as due to his busy Law School schedule he is unable to commit full time. He now works as a Summer Intern for White and Case, a New York based international law firm, and hopes to be accepted as a Junior Associate there when he graduates Law School and passes the Bar.

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