Story Edit

Galahad never made it past Skirm rank, as he brutally murdered about 8 skirmishers with a single cannonball. He immediately got kicked from the line battle and banned from Skirmishers, and proceeded to write a message to Cpt. Gamer: Edit
"I am sorry that i was a troller, the cannon incedent was an accident, i recived a warning and took heed of it i will no longer troll, the reseon i have been inactive is that my sister is doing her GCSE mock exams and for some resaon wants to revise, if i manage to stay in the 77y in about 4 months time she will be doing her actual GCSEs and will be revising loads as well. I apoligize for my actions, it won't happen again." Edit
- Galahad Edit

The Incident Edit

In the incident where the cannonball was shot, TommieLee was the officer of the SkirmisherArty "detachment", who gave Galahad the orders to not shoot right. However Jorginator, the ranker on the same cannon as Galahad, witnessed that Galahad aimed the cannon straight right, and fired directly into Gamer's ducks. The chat went wild and rumors says that Gamer started crying a little.

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