So this is the story of our regiment as far as anyone can tell. Disclaimer from Cenzii : "Im speculating here because it was so long ago."
The story of our name is traced back to 2009. Cenzii was in a Bg2 regiment called "RR". He does not remember what this stood for. In 2009 they renamed it 77th.
When asked why name it the 77th he answered:" Because the number 7 is my favourite number and the 7th looked a bit plain, so we put 2 of them there."
And so was the birth of the 77th. This he estimated to be around late 2009 or early 2010. This was still in Bg2 and they are alleged to have had over 100 members.
This continued throughout 2010. Some up's and down's with leaders and clan drama, but they stuck together all the way until the end of the year.
At the end of the year they started having trouble and had a major split. Some people went the something called 42ndCdo and some to the 33rd which had tranferred
to something called "Mount and Musket."
As far as we know the 77y was created in January 2011. Though it might have been created in December of 2010.
For the first few weeks it was called 77th and was a pavlovsky grenedier company. It would later get the letter y at the end, for historical accuracy and be changed to
line infantry regiment. It is unclear excactly who was in the regiment when it was created, but according to Cenzii it was himself, Heinis, Henkka and Bjarstedt were
there from the beginning or at least within the first few weeks. I also tried to find out how many we were but that is unclear too. We might have been somewhere in
between 50-80 people. As Cenzii said: "I do remember that 77th was a big success. Within two weeks we had around 30 members." And that number would double
and maybe even triple in just a few months.
Then Cenzii would leave the 77y in spring/ very early summer of 2011. I am unsure why he left but when he did it was left in the hands of Heinis. Heinis led and
controlled the 77y for a short while and then it was left in the hands of Bjarstedt. Bjarstedt left because he was "Fed up with the trolls."
This is when the regiment was left in the hands of Malakith. From all accounts I have, this was a vast improvement.
It's estimated that we were around 30 active people in the regiment at that time. The 77y would continue to grow all the way up to our next succesion. This was when
Malakith had to leave because of schoolwork and left the regiment in the hands of our Glorious Leader and Commander Aztir, may Odin and Thor look over him.
The next major event in 77y history was when Diplex decided to leave the regiment. This was around April of 2012. There were some major disagreements within the
CO's about what to do when NW came out. Every CO was opposed to Diplex's ideas about reform, restructure and change of country and name. Diplex therefor
decided to leave and about 10-15 people left with him.
After the split with Diplex Malakith returned, and he quikly got the role as Captain and second in command of the regiment. Malakith also started posting youtube
videoes to get recruitment back on track.
Soon after this the regiment gained a core of around 50-60 active players and a large number of player that would come and go.
It is now September and the Regiment has a steady core of around 90 active players and most likely hundreds of partly inactive members.
From asking other regiment leaders we have found out that we have a very good reputation when it comes to major team linebattles.

Quoted from Skruff on the official 77y forums

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