Lortano is a Gunner in the 77y artillery detachment. An award winning youtuber (may be slightly exaggerated), he also dabbles in the art of Top quality banter (Again, a slight exaggeration). His most notable accomplishments thus far have been:

Losing the NCO tryouts to Rosstafari, then accidentally tabbing out into Archeage in his anger.

Failing to spot cannonballs, which then causes him to get hit by a cannonball and tabbing him back into Archeage.

Mocking everyone, including himself

Did I mention tabbing out into Archeage?

He once accidentally tabbed out of Archeage and into Runescape

Everyone getting his name wrong, he has several names that make no sense.

His ever famous quote.

"Incoming left, no shit, wait, incoming RUN!"

Update. Lortrano is now a Cpl in the 77y arty gaining the promotion in 2015 when shit got real.

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