There was once a hero who went by the name of Malakith Skadi, or Mal for short he was a ass. Malakith had many thousands of subscirbers to his YouTube channel who would come and listen to his melodic voice interspersed with gameplay footage of Minecraft or whatever it is he used to play. Now, Malakith was a Major in the 77y for many years and his wisdom and (virtual) battlefield courage brought many victories to the 77y. But in February 2015 everything was to change. Drama ensued and Aztir and the other officers betrayed him. The whole situation was a bit like Rob Stark's death at the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones (oops spoiler!).

A graphical representation of the event:

Rome - The murder of Julius Caesar

Rome - The murder of Julius Caesar

RIP 2K12-2K15

'I woz ere,

Ere I was,

Was I ere,

Yes I was'

-A poem by Malakith (RIP)

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