There was once a day, where members from the 77y were unhappy about the 77y in its state so they decided to make their own reg. The dirty fat queer malakith skadi, he then went onto the Nr27 Teamspeak and attempted to rape all the members in the butt


77y_Skirm_Thomas the dank engine

77y_Jgr_powerhungry cunt



77y_Jgr_lol I am a waffle

77y_Jgr_leftwing cunt

77y_Skirm_John didn't do this

77y_Pfc_French90can't melee for shit





They now run their own reg which is fairly successful with 40 members.

There is a few names missing from the list of banned people as they were allowed to stay, brown nosing is the way forward, kids.

NOW they all still desire to be COs and NCOs so each time there stupid regiments fail they make a new one instead of join another as a ranker because they want to be special and have a high rank over every other fucker, load of power hungry children if you ask me

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