Oli - The Inside Story

Oli; Skirmisher, Sergeant, Milionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist*

He is, in fact, a sheep. As a sheep, he has difficulties not normaly faced by other NCO's, for example; He has no thumbs so finds it hard to use mice, often this leads to misconstrued orders, like an order to "ignore the cav, charge through"  or on occasion "just shoot jeljer in the confusion."

Oli has been confirmed to own a suit and has been spotted in the areas around Leicester, often being chased by gardeners for eating their plants, though has been seen as far north as Canada, joined by a scruffy Norwegian in a longboat babbling something about coffee.

2013-01-13 00001

Skirmishers Curse

As Oli has played as a Skirmisher officer he has developed an affinity for cannonballs as demonstrated here by fellow skirmishers Avior, Gamer and Skruf (Soon Kyrris), This heritige of "Catching cannonballs" stems from possible inbreeding under the command of Notorious Drug cartel owner Fijiflu (Who remains a at large to this day)

2013-01-08 00002

Da Boyz

Here we have Oli in his natural habitat, in or around the 77y Skirmisher detatchment, here he shows his dominance of the commoners by wearing a slightly shinier hat...

to be finished. tired

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