TheQuickOne, QuickOne, Quick, SaltyOne, TheSaltLord, TheShitOne and Quickie is a XO of the 77y, his rank is Major, he attends nearly every event (if not all). He is a calm person and is forgiving if you teamkill him, if its on perpose they he will be annoyed, just like anyone would be.

QuickOne comes from Iceland, where he is an amateur bodybuilder specialising in lifting weights. He used to suffer from having high ping issues which would affect his performance in LBs, but this problem was solved by moving his PC to the other side of his bedroom which was a bit closer to London and this reduced his ping sufficiently. QuickOne also has his own YouTube channel called 'QuickOneOnPCin144p' which currently has over 12 subscribers.  

Quick is currently plotting his take over of the FSE company and the 77y too from aztir the unicorn. HOW COULD HE DO SUCH A THING TO SUCH A CUTE PERSON!  

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